Hyphen8tion Studios - Logo

Who are we?
A little byte about us.

With great design at our heart, we’re a studio of few words. So the ones we use to describe ourselves and what makes us different need to count.


If you’re going to do it, do it well. That’s the conviction that guides everything we do. And, it means that we never hand over anything - from design to experience - until we’re 100% proud to put the Hyphen8tion name behind it.


Calls, emails, texts, carrier pigeons…whenever and however you contact us, you’re getting a response ASAP. Whether you’ve got questions, comments, or, (hey!) compliments, we’re easy to reach and easy to love.


We’ll be honest, we love what we do for the rush that comes with a quick pace. When you choose Hyphen8tion, you can expect a fast turnaround from our lean, flexible team no matter what kind of design project.


Sure, our background is design, but we’ve got a healthy streak of obsessive project management in us as well. We stick to our timelines, deliver what and when we say we will, and simply treat our clients with the respect that their trust in us warrants.

Our style sound like a good match for yours? Get in touch, and let’s talk about what we can do, together.